Priesthood and Women

5 Ways Women Are Already Given Priesthood Authority Officiate in Priesthood Ordinances in the Church

Wendy Ulrich


  1. Women are given priesthood authority
  2. Women exercise priesthood power
  3. Women officiate in priesthood ordinances
  4. In the temple women are endowed, clothed, or vested with priesthood identities
  5. In the temples we enter into the Holy Order of the Son of God

I am a Mormon Because I am a Feminist – Valerie Hudson Cassler


I am a convert to the Mormon Church from Roman Catholicism

How remarkable and in some senses ironic it still seems to me to have experienced “women’s lib” by conversion to Mormonism!

I will first review the main points of doctrine that make Mormonism the most feminist of all the Christianities in my view, . . .