The United Order

LDS Guide to the Scriptures

United Order 

See also Consecrate, Law of Consecration

  • An organization through which the Saints in the early days of the restored Church sought to live the law of consecration. Individuals shared property, goods, and profits, receiving these things according to their wants and needs (D&C 51:3; 78:1–15; 104).
  • In your temporal things you shall be equal, D&C 70:14.
  • The Saints were to be organized to be equal in all things, D&C 78:3–11 (D&C 82:17–20).
  • The Lord gave unto the united order a revelation and a commandment, D&C 92:1.
  • John Johnson should become a member of the united order, D&C 96:6–9.
  • The Lord gave general instructions for operating the united order, D&C 104.
  • My people are not united according to the union required by the celestial kingdom, D&C 105:1–13.