Welfare Services

Doctrine and Covenants 72:10

10  To keep the Lord’s storehouse; to receive the funds of the church in this part of the vineyard; Doctrine and Covenants 72:10

Doctrine and Covenants 78:3-4

 3 For verily I say unto you, the time has come, and is now at hand; and behold, and lo, it must needs be that there be an organization of my people, in regulating and establishing the affairs of the storehouse for the poor of my people, both in this place and in the land of Zion—

 4 For a permanent and everlasting establishment and order unto my church, to advance the cause, which ye have espoused, to the salvation of man, and to the glory of your Father who is in heaven;

Doctrine and Covenants 78:3-4

Doctrine and Covenants 83:5

5  And after that, they have claim upon the church, or in other words upon the Lord’s storehouse, if their parents have not wherewith to give them inheritances.  Doctrine and Covenants 83:5

President Marion G. Romney

Welfare is not a program of the Church; it is the essence of the Church – President Marion G. Romney

Ted Koppel ‘Lights Out’

“What really impressed me was the layering, which begins at the family level and moves on up to the very stages of the church hierarchy to the point where the church itself has branched industries,” Koppel said of his visit to Utah. “Quite literally, you have an organization that is capable of producing food, processing food and transporting food to the degree that it really amounts to an almost governmental-like organization — except more efficient.”  Ted Koppel ‘Lights Out’

The Wall Street Journal

‘What the Mormons Know About Welfare’ Naomi Schaefer Riley – The Wall Street Journal – February 18, 2012